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Twitter Ident

Title Sequence Project: Debris Scene

Post-Production Project

Blender - Water Simulation

HDRI balls for Image based lighting

Urinal Explosion

Nuke Test: Daisy 2D Tracking

Nuke Test: Rotoscoping/2D Tracking

Nuke Test: Camera Tracking

Nuke test: Depth of field

Dripping paint test

Title Sequence: Dada Movement Tester

P!NK Typography

Skins Shelves


Staying up late for no real reason.


Carly Rae Jepsen

Self Portrait

2008-2012 in around 6 seconds.

Another Experiment

Under The Sun - Typography

After Effects/Flash Experiment - Making Of

After Effects/Flash Experiment

Flash/Maya Experiment

Music Video Stills

After Effects Ident

11 Second Club Animation May

2nd Background

Background Project

Environmental Project

Maya Still

Experimental Animation Montage

Camera Mapping Art

Camera Mapping Test

More Mine Art

The Experimental Project V1

Normal Walk


Gangster/Swag Walk

Meanwhile... in Flash

Experimental Animation Project: Ideas

Sand Animation

Getting FAT

Mine art

Pixelation Test

Walk Cycle

Shot Glasses

Spinning Bottles

Film Test

Graphic Design

Whiteboard Short

Picking Up a Rock

Show Reel

Pirate Ship Model