New Project: MB

Completed background, done in Photoshop
Still from the animatic: a very crappy mockup background done in Flash.

I've spent a while thinking about whether I want to pitch a 3rd year film or not, and what I would even make the film about, but decided to make a personal project instead, 'MB'. The past week I've put together a 2-3 minute animatic, and I will be working on it over the remainder of summer and probably into term time. This way I can work on it at my own pace, whenever I have time. I figured that spending most of 3rd year working on other people's projects is going to make me regret not creating anything of my own, so this way I can die happy. 

The drawing above is the first completed background, another 20 or so and then I can start designing the characters and animating! Gona take a while.