Swivel: SWF to Video

I stumbled across this fantastic program on Newgrounds today called Swivel, whilst looking online for a SWF to video converter. Usually I would just export my projects as full resolution .PNG sequences, bring them into premiere and export it that way, but when you have actionscript and animation in movieclips, Flash can't deal with it. This is because the way Flash exports images and movies (not SWF files) is by recording each frame as it appears when you scrub through the timeline. Any animation within movieclips or actionscript, be it camera moves, physics or anything else, will not be recorded. 

In the past I've spent ages looking for these SWF to video programs, to no avail. Usually they drop a bunch of frames, can't record at the full resolution, or need to be bought. Swivel is totally free, has a bunch of encoding options, drops no frames and can record at the full 1080p HD format, and ain't bad to look at either. I can't recommend it enough: download it here.