Quietus: Mood board

We've overhauled the story/plan for Quietus, it has more of a structure now where as before there was a large chunk missing that was not planned out at all. We've decided to structure the film a select few of the stages of grief: shock, denial, anger, and acceptance. We chose these ones because we felt they would translate the best into our experimental imagery. Today we each undertook a mood board to make, I did the one for anger; it's got standard angry imagery, I tried to think of images that felt the loudest. Red is the most obvious colour to associate with anger but there are hints of purple and other colours too so it's not too monotone.  
Yesterday we filmed the beginning part of the new animatic, as it turned out to be easier to film live action and add pre-vis effects, then to draw the frames from scratch. I composited some quick and dirty shots just for the animatic to help give it the right 'feel' (since we shot it in a small room, and the final film will be set in a vast, empty, initially pitch black environment).