Sliver of Silver: Design Concepts

I spent today trying to adapt the style of some medieval illuminated manuscripts, to be used as background art in the project 'Sliver of Silver'. I found it very difficult however, and ended up crossing over a cross-hatch style with a painted style, which gave me a sort of grungy result. I used more saturated, darker colours than the manuscripts because we want characters to pop out from the scene. The perspective is purposefully skewered, as this is the way these paintings appeared in the 1300s. I think using colouring pencils or another traditional medium would give a more suited style, I didn't have much luck trying to replicate it in photoshop.
I used some paint and dirty textures to try and mimic a sort of worn material. 

Some research pictures Dani provided, some in pen & ink and some in paint.
Today I drew some medieval-style furniture, trying out certain perspective methods that are used in medieval illuminated manuscripts. The bed & table colouring pencil drawing is with an axonometric perspective, and the pen hatching drawing is with a linear perspective. I have yet to draw in a reversed perspective, I have a feeling it's going to be a bit confusing. All 3 perspectives are explained with examples here