Sliver of Silver: Maya Reference

Today we worked on knocking out some storyboards as a group to bounce ideas of each other and just have the thumbnails done so that they could be drawn up neatly for the animatic. We were discussing positions of furniture and character placement in the bedroom, and decided to mock up a floor plan of the room so that we could draw our compositions with correct angles and placements of elements. I suggested modeling a very simple 3D layout of the room that we could use for reference, and for help creating panning backgrounds and so on. It is particularly useful for referencing rooms that will need to be used many times from different angles (such as in sliver of silver) I have already tried this out on a personal project and it proved to be a huge help, so I will create it in the next few days. It will only be very basic shapes, since it is just for reference, so shouldn't take too long at all to make. Below are some examples of this reference technique that I used over the summer, to create backgrounds in Photoshop.
I put a sphere in front of the camera that this shot is taken from, that had a high refraction setting or something along those lines, to get this fish-eye lens look.

Update: So today I modelled the room, with the basic shapes in place at their appropriate scales. We will probably come back to it and tweak things but as it stands it will do fine for reference. Playblast turnaround: