Quietus: Animatic Pre-vis

These are a few clips I worked on today and yesterday for the animatic. The effects in these are basic and just to help the animatic sell our film, also these particular clips aren't sequential in the animatic I've just bundled them together for my blog. We decided that filming the animatic in live-action would be best, as it is mainly camera angles and movements of the actor we needed the most. A couple shots are rotoscoped at a very basic level but mostly you will just have to ignore the house interior. For the crows I tweened a bunch of .png pictures from google and linked their position in the frame with tracked  camera movement from the footage in After Effects. The face paint is a looping second of frame by frame animation done in Flash, warped and positioned in After Effects to match the angle and rotation of my head in the footage. It doesn't really make sense at all at this point but if I can grab a copy of the finished animatic to post I will. (ignore the unfitting but epic music).