Film Course VFX

Over the past few weeks I've been talking to someone on the Film course at falmouth, who got in touch with me asking for some VFX work. They requested a spinning globe, textured with company logos, with a row of 'selfies' rotating around, that shoots tweets and facebook statuses, then finally explodes! I was a bit unsure at first about how this would translate from words to images, but I produced an animatic to show them what I was visualising in my head. After that got the all-clear I produced the more polished version. Currently I am waiting on some source images of actual tweets and statuses to replace the graphic-replicas, but after I receive them and put them in place it will be all done! I used Maya for the globe, had some initial trouble with depth-passes working with transparency in textures but found a solution. Did plan on using Cinema 4D but found out that annoyingly students can only have 1 license, and it's already installed on my laptop. Composited in After Effects.

The animatic, done in Flash (and the little explosion in After Effects) The near-final thing, done in Maya and After Effects. With help from photoshop.
The finished thing, with actual tweets replacing the graphics.