Cinema 4D - Random Effector with Polygonal Deformation

Used the same MoGraph effector as the previous post, except this time I had it affecting polygon faces of a cube, instead of entire objects. I changed the random setting to noise, so that it changes continually over time, and creates this jiggling surface. I added a surface subdivision to smooth out some of the jagged corners it was producing initially. The wireframe view was really just to test out Cinema 4D's out-of-the-box cel renderer, which is so much more straight forward than Maya. 

I've also been playing with the Cineware After Effects plugin, which produces a live feed of a Cinema 4D project right in your composition in After Effects. This allows you save a bunch of time rendering (and re-rendering) CGI image sequences to be brought into After Effects before being able to work on them. Instead this allows you to preview the final-quality look of your CGI scene live, tweak accordingly, and render once straight from After Effects once everything is complete.