Nokia 5.1 - A timeless classic, refined

Nokia 5.1 - A timeless classic, refined

Over the past few weeks I've been back at Mirum Agency helping create the launch video for the new Nokia 5.1 phone. We utilised the render engine Redshift to get some great results in fairly fast renders times. My roles were primarily in compositing, colour correction and screen animation, with a touch of lighting and general C4D tinkering. 

One of the main challenges for me was getting the phones looking consistent throughout, and matching the 3 colour variants as closely as possible to the existing creatives. I composited dust motes and soft light leaks in the scenes to add more depth and realism, and comped in the screen animations in After Effects.

Client: HMD / Nokia
Agency / Production: Mirum Studio

Design / Creative lead: Matthew Osborne
Direction: Matthew Osborne, Christopher Ennis

3D Artists:
Christopher Ennis
Matthew Osborne
Freddie Horton
Ryan St James

2D Artists:
Freddie Horton

Jayson Wong