Nokia 110 – Talk more, play more

Nokia 110 – Talk more, play more

Over the past few weeks I've been back at Mirum Agency helping create the launch video for the new Nokia 110 phone, among a few other handsets. I was creative lead on this film, from style frames, storyboard to animation. 

The phone is essentially an upgrade of the Nokia 105, so the visual style was a development of the existing bold, clean, punchy graphics created for that phone. We took the circle device and extended it into trails, which opened up possibilities from the 2D animation side of it.

The main takeaway for this phone is that it's all about entertainment, so the games and music capabilities needed to standout. Since we had gameplay footage of the bundled games, I decided to mirror the gameplay with a stripped-down graphic representation, so the Doodle Jump game for example was recreated in the bold graphic style using the circle and trail devices. This added another level of fun and playfulness to the film, but also helped make the 3D phones and 2D graphics feel like they existed in the same world.

Client: HMD / Nokia
Agency / Production: Mirum Studio

Design / Creative lead: Freddie Horton

3D Artists:
Freddie Horton
Christopher Ennis
Matthew Osborne
Ryan St James

2D Artists:
Freddie Horton

James Stewart